The Lindilanga Primary School Story

Lindilanga is such a sweet heaven on earth that prepares the small minds for great tasks. The school provides education of the best quality and it also provides opportunities for extra-mural activities. The school provides the best educational growth and security for a prosperous future for its learners.

The extra-mural activities are sports, cultural activities, music and organizes all important national events like Mandela Day, Marketing Day, Heritage Day.

Lindilanga Primary School u/13 boys rugby team won us a bus in the integrated schools’ sport’s league in December 2016. The teachers that were involved were really dedicated.  

History of lindilanga primary school

This school was founded in 1989 at Sakhile Standerton. It was divided into four satellites, those satellites were Nyandeni Primary School, Thandeka Primary School, Hlobisa Primary School and Leseli Primary School. It was standard 3,4,5 Higher Primary that first formed as the first grades of this School. The Principal back then was Mrs Nora Mahlangu, she was the first headmistress to ever was in the history of this school. The system of the higher primary lasted for two years. The system was a platoon which was  Thandeka, Lindilanga Primaries on one premises. Back then school started at 11h00 to 16h00 to accommodate two schools in one area. Thereafter Lindilanga was moved to where at the present day Thobelani Secondary School is situated. At this location, Lindilanga Primary School were occupants for two years. In 1992 the foundation phase of this school was formally structured into what the school is today. In 1993 the Department of Education established the school officially and was opened in 1994.The principals from then ‘til now are as follows ( 2000-2006) Mr. Kunene, (2008- to date) Mr. Mbuli.


Physical Activity

 Children need to be active every day for healthy growth and development.


Sports boost self-esteem. Children learn to be confident on the field.

Group interactions

Group interactions can be an effective method to motivate learners, encourage active learning, and develop key critical-thinking, communication, and decision-making skills.

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